When the church sees its mission as simply making converts, it will provide no help for a new believer as he begins his journey toward becoming a disciple. Sadly, this has all too often been the case for new believers in our culture. Dallas Willard has written that the Great Commission of Jesus Christ has been substituted in our day for a new plan - 'Make converts and baptize them into church membership.' Perhaps you have experienced this lack of training in your own life, and drawn the conclusion that 'conversion' was all that was needed. This 'non-discipleship Christianity' has had devastating effects on the health of Christian families, the life of the church and the testimony of the church to the world.

In contrast to this approach, we believe our calling is (as Jesus taught) to be and make disciples of Jesus Christ. In order to do that, much of what we have learned must be unlearned, so that the Word of God can once again speak clearly and change our generation.

Immersion is teaching designed to give a new believer a framework for how to begin his/her new life in Christ. Everyone who is baptized at Berean goes through it. The teaching consists of 6 different understandings of the term 'baptism' as it was used in the New Testament:

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus

Baptism into the Trinity

Baptism into the death of Christ

Baptism into the body of Christ

Baptism in water

Through this in depth study of baptism, we come to understand what it means to be in Christ. We understand what it means to be a part of one another, and what our mission is together. We see that the church does not exist for us - instead we exist for Christ and His church. Because we have been immersed, we are ready to begin the process of learning to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

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