One on one discipleship:

Church programs can be great, but sometimes people believe that if they go through a class or program at church they are being discipled. Not necessarily. Discipleship is not a program, it is the transfer of the faith of one person into the life of another to a point in which the person being disciple becomes an effective discipler of someone else. It involves teaching and learning, the development of ministry skill, and most importantly it involves the disciple taking on the character of Jesus Christ.

At Berean we believe that there are many discipleship opportunities that do not fit very well into programs. We have a basic strategy for discipling people, but we have found that every strategy needs to be adapted to the person in question that is being discipled. That is why relationships are so important to us. Our goal is that if someone comes to our church to try and get help to follow Jesus Christ, we want to be equipped and ready to help them. If they cannot come to the programs we offer for whatever reason, but still want to be discipled, we want to be available to them for that purpose.

Discipleship is not a program, it is a way of life. It the most rewarding way of life, and we want to introduce this life to others who desire to follow Jesus.

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