So why do you think you decided to click on this link when you were instructed not to do so? We asked you nicely - why not just respect our wishes? Why do you insist on being a rebel?

To tell the truth, I would have wanted to click on the link too. There is something about being told we can't do something that makes us want to do it even more. There are things we all know we should not do, and yet it seems that we so often choose to do those things anyway.

Isn't that strange - that we all have the same desire to rebel?

If we are honest with ourselves and we compare our sin with the holy standard of the God we find in the Bible, the guilt of our rebellion becomes painfully clear to us. And because God is a righteous judge - he must enforce the penalty for our rebellion, which is death.The rebels deserve to be punished.

Here at Berean, we believe God Himself provided a solution to the problem of our rebellion. The solution is that God became man in the person of Jesus Christ and took the death penalty that should have come to each of us. Then, he proved that new life is possible for us by His resurrection. This life is given to us freely by His grace as we trust our lives to Christ.

Because of this new life in Christ, we find that we are becoming different people from who we were before. As we walk the path of discipleship, we are learning that life takes on a new and more beautiful dimension. We are finding that as we learn to be His disciples, we are more able to live lives free from the slavery of rebellion.

What we should do and what we actually want to do are becoming the same. That is the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ - the gospel that we proclaim here at Berean.

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