Bible Teaching

At Berean, we typically teach through books of the Bible, taking the sections of Scripture one block at a time. We feel this is the best way to learn what God's word teaches - by studying what God says in the original context in which the books of the Bible were written. In this way, difficult topics cannot be avoided - we must study all of the word of God and not just the parts we like the most. We do not seek to read into the text, but rather to draw out of the text what is already there - this process is called exegesis. Our teaching process is simple - We observe the text, make an interpretation of it, and only then do we seek to apply it to our lives. This is the primary way of teaching that we use on Sunday mornings. There are times when we also teach topically, but as a general rule the exegetical, book by book method is the way we teach the word of God at Berean.

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