Women's Bible Studies

The ladies of Berean are currently studying The Bethel Series, written by Harley Swiggum and developed by The Adult Education Foundation in Madison, Wisconsin. The Bethel Series seeks to address the questions, "How do we come to know Christ?" and "How do we meet the true Christ as revealed in the Scriptures?" The ladies are immersed in the Bible and thereby establish a biblical knowledge base. In the process of studying the Scriptures in this way, the wonderful story of God comes into view and the plan of salvation is revealed in its fullness.
The study includes:

1. An overview on various literary media used by Biblical writers

2. An emphasis on thinking Hebrew rather than the Western or Greek thought-form (Why not How)

3. Understanding the various parts of the Biblical message in their historical context

4. Letting Scripture interpret Scripture where there seems to be conflict, not in isolation but in relationship to the whole of God's revelation in history

Anyone who might be interested in this study may call the church at 734-425-5585 for further details.

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