Membership -Attending church is good, and we welcome all who come to worship with us on Sunday. However, we also believe Jesus called us to far more than attendance. He has called us to follow in His steps and become like Him, so we might also pass this life along to others. We believe a big part of helping people do these things is wrapped up in local church membership. When a person says they want to identify with another group of believers for the purpose of following Jesus, a new relationship begins and a new level of challenging each other to follow Jesus becomes possible. No one ever followed Jesus without a commitment to follow Him. We believe our purpose is to train and equip those people who have made such a commitment, and who identify with us for that purpose.

We seek to promote unity in essentials, liberty in non-essentials, and charity in all things. Our membership requirements are minimal and designed to foster accountability and encouragement as we unite in following Jesus together.


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