Berean Bible Church comes together each week in order to worship God. We believe music was created by God to help lead us into worship. It is clear from the creation that God loves creativity and variety, so we encourage these things in our worship. We are enthusiastic about adding other instruments and elements into our worship. The most important thing in worship for us is that everything we do should point to God. The words that we sing are carefully chosen, in order to teach truths about God, to elevate our hearts toward Him, and help others see more of His greatness.

Our study of God's word is also a part of our worship. We teach exegetically at Berean - that is, rather than having something to say and using the Bible to make our point, we seek simply to communicate what God has said through His word and how what He has said applies to our lives. This reason for this is simple - we believe God changes us as we understand and apply His Word.

Our service is not intended to be our worship for the week, but rather to help lead us into a week filled with the worship of our Lord in all aspects of our lives.

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